TransTaurus; Epic Mountain Bike Experience.

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Amazing routes, unbelievable nature and the days ending at the beach are waiting for you.

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Who Are We?

About the organisation team; know who is preparing the event and how they make it!

Upcoming Adventures

Exciting projects from TransTaurus Crew.

What People Say ; Previous Editions

Listen the experiences from our riders!

Our riders from intenational racers, who follow all big events, such as ;
* Cape Epic * TransAlp * The Pioneer * Swiss Epic * Heros
And they say organisation quality level can directly can match with those events…

Flashbacks ; What Happened in The Past?

Watch Our Videos!

TransTaurus 2016 Teaser

TransTaurus 2016

TransTaurus 2017

Watch Our Videos!

TransTaurus 2017 Teaser

TransTaurus 2017

TransTaurus 2017

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