TransTaurus 2016 Rules – ENG

TransTaurus 2016 RULES

  • 2016 TransTaurus Event Format & Rules in brief;
    – 2016 event will ride through  3 stages.
    – Aside of announced rules, UCI General Rules & MTB Rules will be applied.
    – Riders cannot use smaller wheel diameter than 26″ inch mountain bike.
    – Event will be ridden as stages.
    – Start and finish will be Kemer city center, all categories will take a mass start.
    – GPS and mobile phones are free to use. There will be check-points along the course which won’t be announced, so shortcuts will be avoided. The riders who don’t pass those check points will be disqualified.
    – All stages will have markings with high standard.
    – Riders cannot use smaller wheel diameter than 26″ inch mountain bike; other type bicycles will not be allowed.
    – The riders below 18 years old are not allowed.
    – Riders have to carry their race number during the race.
    – Riders have to wear their helmets during the race.
    – During this event, fairplay and sports spirit are foremost. All riders are responsible from each other on the course.
    – The rider who finishes the all stages within applied rules with minimum time will be the winner.
    – There won’t be any exception about rules.
    – Riders need to carry their own food & hydration. There will be food & hydration points but there won’t be any transportation of your own food & hydration.
    – Riders will be self sufficient on the course and will solve their own mechanical problems. Technical assistance will be given in race headquarters by organization with limited possibilities.
    – Race rules, race course and race date can be revised or change by organisation.
    – There won’t any refunds or cancellations 1 week prior to event.
    – Race rules can be revised for improved safety and necessity.