The Team ; About Us…

Semih Özdemir
Crew Director
Semih Özdemir , Born in 1975 at Antalya , Since 2006 he has been race director for national and international race organizations. Between 2008-2010, he was board member of Turkish Motorsports Federation.

Since 2006, he is the chairman of Kemer Enduro Club and general coordinator of RedBull SeaToSky Race. Since 2013, he is on organization scene and retail side of bicycles and motorcycles.


Aybars Öge Sürücü
Race Director
Aybars Öge Sürücü, Born in 1978 at Karşıyaka – Alaybey; Since 1984 he’s on saddle.

After a white-collar period for years in bigger corporations, he worked for 4 biggest bicycle companies of the world. In 2016, he has started his own company and working bicycle retail also for organizations.

He traveled around Anatolia on mountain bike. Sometimes a group leader of groups, sometimes all alone. He worked very actively for mountain bike tourism. He guided some tours and leaded some organizations over Türkiye.
Ömer Nizam
Event Director
Ömer Nizam born in Antalya 1981 – his land of ancestors is Taurus range; an adventurer and nature lover who he has roamed every inch of the region. Sometimes you can see him running to the extreme summits, sometimes while he is riding from summit to summit on a motorbike or a mountain bike.

He has leaded Kemer for outdoor sports events to progress. Since 2005 he has worked as a big part of organisation in numerous events.

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